A Glimpse of My Dreams

I am weightless, nothing can bring me down.

What is a frown?

When I’m here I’m happy.

I am who I really am supposed to be.

I sit on the clouds.

Lounging, with my hound.

Where am I bound?

Why, that all depends.

I enjoy to travel, so of course I grab my friends.

I sit late night, and I write.

I speak of a fight, that most will see as a fright.

I want to eliminate industrialization.

I want to create a more healthy population.

There’s chemicals in everything even our food.

How could our leaders be so crude? They own  multiple 5,000 dollar suits while others sit in the nude.

We are ran by greed, I dream of what the people need.

I dream of simpler times.

I dream of recreating the world.

I dream of destroying social classes.

I long to see people the same when I remove my glasses.

Maybe one day someone louder then me will see my dream.

They’ll spread it, and we’ll ┬ásee the World gleam.

This is what I dream.

A Glimpse of My Dreams