R.I.P. Spring Break

Wake up!

I see the sun rise

Glittering off the sand

There are no worries in this land

I see a girl

She isn’t with a man

She reminds me of the water

Flawless outside, cold inside

I’m still gonna try an slide

Wake up!

The sun is bright

It’s noon and eighty five

Our conversation begins to thrive

I have her laughing

I never want to leave here

Everyone is filled with cheer

Wake up!

My eyes begin to flutter

Please just five minutes longer

My eyes are watering

The sun is rising

I see my room

It’s a depressing tomb

To see I’m not in Florida anymore.

R.I.P. Spring Break

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Spring Break

  1. This was really good I really liked it and I cant wait for your next post I hope they are written similar because these are very good and fun to read and I really liked how you put Wake Up! in there a few times, Keep up your fun posts cant wait. 🙂


  2. I like the way that “Wake up!” is placed throughout the poem. It’s like there are the perfect amount of lines to have the reader begin to imagine the scene for a second before they’re interrupted from imagining and ‘woken up’!


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