We stare at each other from across the room

If I take you it’ll dismiss the doom

I have found ever since I emerged from the womb

I want you to lay me in my tomb

I wait eagerly, like a groom

I’m just ready to zoom.

To another planet

I can hardly stand it

I feel like I’m waiting in traffic

I just want to feel it

And start hoping like a rabbit.

I respectably wait

Like a youngster, on his first date

I feel this isn’t my fate.

An hour goes by

I begin to fly

I see my life pass me by

All in chase of a high

Am I going to die?

I hope I die


Because my life is a lie.

I’m stuck in a hole

I peep my head out like a mole

This isn’t my goal

There’s so much I wanna do, before I get old.

No one speaks up

I wake up, to throw up

How do I consider myself an adult?

When my life comes to this.


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