Now and then

I remember years ago when everything was much more simple. I’d wake up my mom would throw a Power Rangers shirt on me then I’d have a bowl of cereal and she’d walk me to school. Without a care in the world I would walk staring up at my mom with the biggest smile holding her hand, saying hello to anybody who walked by. Take me back to the days when I didn’t have one worry at all. At recess we’d chase the pretty girls and if they thought you were cute they’d chase you back, not having to worry about getting a text back. I’d sit after school perfectly content alone with my army figures playing in my sandbox, now I struggle to keep my gas tank over a quarter tank so I can go out on Friday to have “fun”. I’d sit for hours watching Rocket Power, or Spongebob with my family, now I can’t spend more then an hour with my family when they used to be the only friends I needed. I use to walk to every destination I had in mind and I could do it all day rain, snow, or sun. Now I walk twenty feet to hop in my car no matter how nice it is outside. My parents would look at me and tell me how much potential I have, I’d hear it from every adult at that point in my life actually. Then I grew up and it got to the point where my mom would ask me if I’m going to school today. Take me back to the simple times when everything came easy.

Now and then

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