About me

I’ve lived in Hartland the last 7 years of my life at heart I feel like I still belong in my beloved city. I have one person I actually call a friend and ironicly he was born in the city too. I have two pets my puppy who is my only weakness in this world, and my alligator. I remember my mom always telling me not to hang around with my buddies older brothers because they were bad influences. My biggest fear was ending up like the kids she warned me about in my youth. But unfortunately being raised in the city you are always exposed to things you wish you weren’t. from freshman to junior year I was one of those kids. I found myself with encounters with the law on a few occasions and still kept doing what I was doing thinking there was nothing wrong. When I finally kicked my habits my mom told me “Don’t let the person you were in the past define the man you will be in the future.” That is my inspiration to do good, and that is my inspiration to write.

About me

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